What to Know About EV

What to Know About EV

In the Know About Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Service/Electric Vehicle in Portland, OR

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We’ve come a long way–in more ways than one. As related to your personal transportation, more vehicles than ever are available in hybrid or electric versions, and more drivers than ever are selecting them. The same applies to auto repair. Although Americans once associated the automotive industry only with males, more and more women are able to work on cars. At Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Portland, Oregon, we’ve always been ahead of our time. The rest of the nation is just beginning to catch up to us. In business since 1983, our shop has been owned by a woman (Terica Buckner). Half our staff is female, as well. What’s more, we’ve embraced changing technology. We’re still capable of and happy to service or repair your traditionally powered automobile, yet we’re equally comfortable with the newest electric or hybrid models.

Useful Information You Should Know

If you’re new to updated vehicles, perhaps you’re wondering about different terms you’ve heard. As opposed to an older car powered by an internal combustion engine, an electric vehicle (also called an EV) is what it sounds exactly like. The auto operates solely on electrical power that’s stored in batteries. Once the power is used up, the car must be plugged in for a recharge. However, these models do store energy that would otherwise be lost during braking because they’re equipped with regenerative braking systems. A hybrid has both a smaller internal combustion power plant and the ability to run on electrical energy. If the battery power is used up, the traditional engine can take over. Additionally, you may have heard about the expense of batteries. Yes, eventually, they’ll need replacing. However, they last a lot longer than they used to, usually for a number of years. The price has declined dramatically, too. This is due to improved technology and companies other than the automakers producing them. Another plus is the increase in charging stations. It’s estimated that the number of public charging spots has tripled in the last decade, so you can travel long distances even though your electric car’s range only extends so far.

Modern Vehicles, Up-to-Date Repairs, Old Fashioned Customer Care

Even though the staff at Hawthorne Auto Clinic services and repairs your hybrid or all-electric automobile, we still believe in old-fashioned customer care. We offer customer conveniences such as ride-sharing and electronic status updates, and we back our work with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. We’re family and dog friendly, too, because we want to serve your entire family by servicing your car.

Written by Hawthorne Auto Clinic