What is the Transmission Position Sensor

What is the Transmission Position Sensor

What Is the Transmission Position Sensor?

Transmission Repair in Portland, OR

What Is It?

Every driver has likely heard of their vehicle’s transmission, but many have not heard of the transmission position sensor. It actually represents a fairly simple yet critically important safety feature on modern automobiles. Also known as the range sensor or transmission position switch, the transmission position sensor is designed to prevent your car from starting unless it is in park or neutral. This is an obvious safety feature. Without it, your auto would be able to start while in gear, causing it to lurch forward or backward and potentially crash or run over a person. The sensor screws into the transmission (usually on the side) and detects whether or not the car is in gear. It signals a break in power to the starter if the transmission is in gear. For additional information about obscure vehicle parts or for transmission repair, visit Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Portland, Oregon.

What Can Go Wrong?

Although replacing the transmission position sensor is not a repair you’ll need to make frequently, as with any component, it can go bad. If the sensor fails, you’ll likely experience one of three things. First, your vehicle may start while in gear. That’s hazardous, so we recommend immediate repair. Also, your car may fail to start when the shifter is positioned to park, but it may crank when in neutral. Finally, the vehicle may not start at all. This happens because the sensor doesn’t recognize that the car is indeed in a safe starting position. If you experience either of these, let us check the sensor for you. If that’s indeed the issue, we can make the repair. However, we may find that your car actually has another problem that we’ll need to correct.

How Can I Get It Fixed?

Whether we determine you need transmission repair or another remedy, the experienced technicians at Hawthorne Auto Clinic can help you. In business since 1983, we’ve earned a reputation for honest and reliable service. You can feel good that your repair dollars are well spent, too, because we back our work with an outstanding 36-month/36,000-mile warranty.

Written by Hawthorne Auto Clinic