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It Is Time for an Oil Change

Your car called. It said it needs an oil change. When you answered, did you know where to forward the call? The best place to send your vehicle for an oil change or other repairs on any make or model is Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Portland, Oregon. You’ll find our staff friendly and helpful. We’re […]

Your Import, Your Important Choice — Hawthorne Auto Clinic

Every driver has his or her reason for choosing a particular import auto repair shop–or choosing never to go there again. At Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Portland, Oregon, we want to be your choice for all your vehicle’s preventive maintenance service and repair needs. In addition, we want everyone to feel comfortable and be assured […]

Banking on Your Brakes: Signs You Need Brake Repair — Hawthorne Auto Clinic

You’ve probably heard the phrase that something is “like money in the bank.” That expression might be applied to your vehicle’s brakes. Addressing issues early can prevent bigger problems later on, saving you money on repair bills. What’s more, you’ll spend less time with your car in the shop. Most importantly, you’ll be protecting yourself […]

Your transmission is talking. Are you listening? — Hawthorne Auto Clinic

If you’re noticing a difference in your vehicle, perhaps it’s trying to tell you something. Are you listening? Maybe it’s your transmission warning you that it has a problem. If so, it won’t get better until you address the problem. Left alone, the issue could worsen, ending in transmission failure. Before this happens, bring your […]