Hawthorne Auto Clinic
4307 SE Hawthorne Blvd  Portland, OR  97215
Tel: (503) 234-2119    Fax: (503) 234-4230


Our Mission Statement

Quality of Work

* To provide quality service to customers’ vehicles for maximum miles and maximum mileage

 Customer Service

* To provide customers with information needed to make informed choices about their vehicles
* To fix the vehicle right the first time, on time
* To change our services as the needs of our customers and their vehicles change
* To determine what our customers expect in service and then exceed those expectations

Community Service

* To perform our work with the least damage possible to our natural environment
* To provide a positive contribution to our community

 Work Environment

* To work together as colleagues, using to best advantage the diverse talents of all while developing the skills of each one
* To provide quality parts, reliable equipment and tools, and efficient procedures to ensure professional results

 Personal Professional Goals

* To endeavor to be the best in our field
* To gain from our experience
* To continue our professional education


* To provide adequate wages and benefits to all those who work here
* To provide funds for improving equipment and facilities so that the business can continue to serve the needs of our customers