Hawthorne Auto Clinic
4307 SE Hawthorne Blvd  Portland, OR  97215
Tel: (503) 234-2119    Fax: (503) 234-4230


Our Facility

Hawthorne Auto Clinic
, Inc. has been in
business at this location since 1983.

  • 9 repair bays with 7 vehicle lifts allow us to efficiently service your vehicle.
  • We provide a comfortable customer lounge with with free wireless Internet service and children's toys for your family’s convenience.

  • Our computer-based management system can archive and access our customer’s vehicle files dating to 1989.  
  • We use a computer-based catalogue system for efficient access to the latest parts and labor price information.
  • Each technician has a computer networked to your vehicle's service records as well as full-time access to internet-based information and repair databases including up-to-date vehicle manufacture’s technical service bulletins for each of the vehicles we service.

  • We subscribe to a diagnostic hotline for telephone consultation.  Over the phone our technicians have access to the same information as a new car dealer technician.

  • Our technicians utilize up-to-date diagnostic and repair equipment. We have dedicated “On Board Diagnostic” scan tool analyzers for Subaru, Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Isuzu, General Motors, Ford, Mazda, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, Volvo, VW, and Audi vehicles.

  • We strive to incorporate sustainability principles throughout our operation. We are equipped to recycle motor oil, antifreeze, batteries, tires, air conditioning refrigerant, and scrap metal, including catalytic converters, in addition to the cardboard, paper, glass bottles, and packaging (including plastics) generated by daily operations. Engine oil filters are removed to a recycling facility where they are crushed and recycled for their oil and metal content along with transmission, fuel and other filters.  We purchase many of our lubricants and fluids in bulk to avoid disposing of plastic bottles. We use re-refined automotive antifreeze, when indicated, and offer SOAR and America's Choice re-refined engine oils. When the quality is acceptable, we offer remanufactured automotive components as a substitute for installing new parts. We use non-chlorinated aerosols and an aqueous-based hot water washer in parts cleaning. We enlist petroleum-eating microbes for minor spills. We use refilled printer toner cartridges and, where possible, duplex (two-sided) printing on 100% post-consumer recycled paper in our office operations. (Our bath tissue is 20% recycled, facial tissue 10% recycled.)

  • Hawthorne Auto Clinic, Inc is powered by our own 16 kWh PV solar panels (@ 37% of our usage) plus PGE and  Green Mountain Energy’s “Green Source" and "Habitat Support” renewable electric power, and NW Natural's Smart Energy. We support Free Geek by donating our outdated computer equipment to their program. We have converted our lighting to low-energy, high-output fluorescents. We participated with the Pollution Prevention Outreach Team to help create the “Eco-Logical Business” program and write “Keep Your Shop In Tune: A Best Management Practices Guide for Automotive Industries". We are a Certified Eco-logical Business.

  • We have partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation and have calculated our electrical, natural gas, and transportation fuel usage emissions (our carbon footprint) and purchased the requisite green house gas emission offsets. Additionally, we have initiated a program to offer Trimet passes to our employees. We will offer our customers an opportunity to offset their global warming emissions by purchasing carbon offsets for their vehicle’s green house gas emissions.

  • We subscribe to all of the new vehicle manufacturers' service information web sites (for the vehicles we service). We have access to all of the same information available to the new car dealer service departments.