Customer Questionnaire for Driveability and Intermittent Problems

"Driveability" and intermittent problems can be a very frustrating experience for both the customer and the technician. The more information we have, the quicker we can complete an accurate analysis. In order to help us serve you in the most economical manner possible, please take a moment to complete the form below.

There are several ways to get this form to us:

  • Complete the form online, you can e-mail it directly to us from this page, and we will keep it on file until your appointment. 

  • Print the completed form and either bring it with you when you drop off your vehicle or fax it to us in advance. 

  • Print a blank copy of the form and fill it out by hand (you might want to keep it with you in the vehicle for a few days and  fill it out the next time the problem occurs). Then bring the completed form with you when you drop off your vehicle for your scheduled appointment.

  • You can press the Tab key to move quickly through the form. To print the form, go to File, Print on your browser menu. (Be sure to print both pages.)

1. What problem is happening?

2. Did the problem happen today?

3. How often does the problem happen?

4. When do the symptoms occur?

5. How long has this been happening?

6. Has anyone performed any repairs recently?

7. Additional Comments

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