HAC Staff Bio

June Boone
Office Manager

June Boone

Hometown: Gasport, NY (near Buffalo and Niagara Falls). A great place to be from!

Education: June received a Bachelor of Arts in History
from SUNY at Buffalo.

Certification: None other than 25 years on the job…

Worked at Hawthorne Auto since: May 1, 1983(we think). When I started it never occurred to us that I’d need an anniversary.

Years in the automotive industry: 25 on the job, 37 with a car-nut-husband.

Hobbies: Reading junky novels, photography, gardening, kayaking.

Favorite car: My trusty, ever dependable 2003 Corolla S with the 5-speed.

Most challenging part of the job: Just about the time I think I have it all figured out something changes…

Advice to customers: In the long run, doing regular maintenance is cheaper than waiting for things to break! Getting towed is expensive!

June Boone